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How to set element size width, height, max min height width

You can set HTML element size using width or height property.

Also you can set element maximum height width or minimum height width.

CSS element size properties

following all properties are supported, all defined type value. using this properties you can set element size.

Property Value Description
height: auto;
height: 75%;
height: 50px;
height: inherit;
height: 0;
auto set
percentage value
pixel value
parent value inherit
unit less 0 value

Set element maximum and minimum size

Following example are describe how to set element size as well as also define element maximum and minimum size. let check,

In this example <textarea> element height and width both are set also set maximum or minimum height width value.

Example Code:

	<textarea style="height:70px;max-height:150px;min-height:60px;width:400px;max-width:550px;min-width:250px;">This division part has relative positioning 
	for each elements.</textarea>

Run it...   »

Example Result: