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HTML <basefont> Tag

HTML <basefont> tag use for default font color, size, face for all text in a document.

<basefont> tag use in head section as well as body section.

<basefont> tag is only supported by Internet Explorer. so we recommendations avoid to use.

HTML <basefont> tag remove in HTML5 specification.


<basefont face="verdana" color="#ffcc00" size="3" title="Basefont Tag
example" />
<p>The HTML basefont tag is only supported Internet Explorer</p>
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The HTML basefont tag is only supported Internet Explorer

<basefont> Tag Attributes

<basfont> tag supported following attributes.:

Attributes Value Description
color "#XXXXXX" define a basefont Color.
face "Font_Name" define a basefont font face.
size "size_Number" define a basefont font size.

Dynamic Attributes

<basefont> tag supported following Dynamic attributes.:

Attributes Value Description
id ID_Name Declared unique id for the element.
class Predefined_Class Used in Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).
style style_Attributes CSS code specify inline the HTML element is presented.
title Title_Description Display on the "tooltip" for your elements.