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jQuery Animations Effect Method

jQuery Animations Effect Method



css_property write by the following way...

  • duration: Elements is a represent by three predefined String duration ("slow", "normal", "fast"). Otherwise number represent by milliseconds (Ex. 5000).
  • callback: Callback is optional parameter. It is use to represents a function to be executed whenever effect is completed.

Animate Example:

<script type="text/javascript"> 
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Some jQuery Effect Methods

Following some commonly use of event methods in jQuery:

Method Description
$(selector).show() Selected Element is Show.
$(selector).hide() Selected Element is Hide.
$(selector).toggle() Selected Element is Toggle (Hide or Show both).
$(selector).slideDown() Selected Element is Slide Down.
$(selector).slideUp() Selected Element is Slide Up.
$(selector).slideToggle() Selected Element is Toggle (Slide Up or Slide Down both).
$(selector).fadeIn() Selected Element is Fade In.
$(selector).fadeOut() Selected Element is Slide Out.
$(selector).animate() Selected Element is animate by the run of custom effect.

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