Introduction PL/SQL

Basic PL/SQL

Advance PL/SQL

PL/SQL Intoduction and PL/SQL Advantages

What is PL/SQL?
PL/SQL is a product of the Oracle.
PL/SQL stands by "Programming Language" extension of SQL.
PL/SQL is Specially Designed for Database Oriented Activities.

PL/SQL is Very Usefully Language and Tools of Oracle to Manipulate, Control, Validate, and Restricted the Unauthorized Access of Data From the Database.

PL/SQL can improve the Performance of an Application and It is dealing with Error and return User Friendly Error Message.

We can easily show Multiple Records of the Multiple Table on s the Same Time.

PL/SQL Sends an entire Block of Statements execute to the oracle engine at One Time.

Advantages PL/SQL

  • Procedural Language Supported: PL/SQL is a development tools that not only supported data Manipulation but also Provide the Condition, Checking, Looping or Branching Operation.

  • Reduces Network Traffic: PL/SQL is same entire block of SQL statement execute to the oracle engine at all at once so it's benefit to reduce the Network Traffic.

  • Error Handling: PL/SQL also permit during with Error Handling as required facility to Display User Friendly Error Message where error are encounter.

  • Declare Variable: PL/SQL allow to declaration and use of variable in a block of code which variable will use to store intermediate result of query for later processing.

  • Intermediate Calculation: PL/SQL calculations done quickly and efficient without the use of oracle engines and improve the transaction.

  • Portable Application: Application are written in PL/SQL is portable in any computer or hardware for any system means Application independence to run any computer.