Introduction PL/SQL

Basic PL/SQL

Advance PL/SQL

PL/SQL Packages Advantages

  1. All related function and procedure can be grouped together in a single unit called packages.
  2. Package is reliable to granting privileges.

  3. All function and procedure within a package can share variable amoung them.

  4. Package enables to perform "overloading" of functions and procedures.

  5. Package improve performance by loading the multiple object into memory at once, therefore, subsequent calls to related program do not required physical I/O.

  6. Package is reduce the traffic because all block execute all at once

Components of Packages

  1. Specification: It contain the list of various fuctions procedure names which will be a part of the package.

  2. Body: This contains the actual PL/SQL statement code implementing the logics of functions and procedures declared in "specification".